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Imaginary Portraits




I was studying in the U.K. and I met this guy and really I was infactuated with him, but kind of young love, not really long   /  One day I decided to knock up my courage and I told him that I like him and he told me he didn’t like me. So that was the strongest moment I remember and he was in the room about this size and piano also, but a upright piano  /  I remember crying. And he left, and I just stayed  /  He was kind, you can't force people. Just the chemistry doesn't work /  I was 16  /  I never had a boyfriend. I just moved to U.K. /  He is quite beautiful, because he is half Chinese and half European, British. He has very pale skin like European but Chinese eyes. Shape of the eyes was a kind of almond, not very slit thin. Quite long, but not sharp at the end  /   Beautiful mixture. Bluish green if I remember correctly  /   I think if you have mixture between Asian and European sometimes the mixture is really bad. You have two types. I’ve been thinking of about it for many years now, if they are ugly they are really ugly, if beautiful they are really beautiful. Never in the middle, never  /  Very sharp face, quite long, not very high cheek bones. He’s got quite chislled face  /  Not very pointy. It’s kind of oval, slight flat chin. No split. Round but not big  /  He’s got very thin lips, quite pale actually. Very fair, pinkish skin  /  Quite sharp nose  /  He’s double lid eyes. Actually he looks like he doesn't sleep  /   Actually he is quite dark,,,,,,he doesn’t look like healthy because his hair is not a lot. I think he is balding already



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