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Imaginary Portraits




He has brown eyes, quite big, and deep set / Kind of a prominent brow / He has a boxer's nose. He never boxes but that's just how he looks like. Like wide in the middle, but otherwise quite small and straight / He has quite full lips, his mouth goes up a little bit, rather than down. The lower lip was bigger, but quite evenly balanced. Very soft lips / His ears were little bit rounded on top, he had a same kind of earlobe that I have, so it goes deeper /  He has like a 5 o'clock shadow, whatever said, dark around here. If a man has a very dark hair, and if he shaves in the morning, by five o'clock he has a stubble, if he has a strong hair / He kept his hair very short. He used hair clippers / His skin was a little darker rather than fair. His skin was unblemished but he has very big pores so he almost always looked unshaven  /  He was very compact and quite muscular, his neck was quite muscular as well  /  When I say he's very handsome, it's in a stereotypical kind of dark, rugged / He looks Italian, he is not Italian but he looks Italian / His whole face was a little bit square but not too much. Like a very classical southern European, even though his mother was Hungarian, and his father German / He is a very manual person and I think you could see this in his face / When I met him the last time, I would say that his face was quite open, and warm. I went to his house which was my old house but it was a really bad idea. 


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