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Imaginary Portraits




 I just wanted to marry a normal girl who has a similarity with me / The family has to accept it. You like that girl it's okay, you've done that mistake, now we're thinking / I liked something about her. But for me I don't understand what is love / In the beginning, that kind of thing it worked, but after some time it's no longer mathematical kind of thing / She was a very soft kind of person. That's what I liked of her / Her face is not very pretty but sweet / In the beginning we were in the same university and same seminar,and she was calling me in such a low and high pitch voice. This is considered like a good voice / Quite big classroom. At least 50 people. Computer science / Maybe I understood more than others and so after the class she and another girls came to me to make things clear / Her eyes were big. Eyelashes were also big / Cheeks little roundish, fluppy / Eyebrow was beautifully tuned up. Round shape. Little tail. Thin / Distance between two eyes was less than one eye / Nose was tall and wide / Mouth is little big and lips are little thick,not very thin, little depth, straight / Chin was little bigger than normal / Ears little large. Face is little large so ears in propotion. Little out / Mole in the ear / Hair little long,mostly normal hairstyle. forehead is little big. Huge hair / She's from Bangladesh / Skin is like milk chocolate but more milk than chocolate / Henna in the hands / Now she is in a bank. She is like in that bank for 4 years. Looking for boys. For girls, they try to marry little early.



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