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Imaginary Portraits




She was different / I had a project with Canadian embassy, and she was an officer, and we met / She is originally Indian / We stayed together for 5 years and then we divorced / It’s like when you see somebody who you don't know, but you feel that there is a connection / She was engaged to someone in Canada / She left her boyfriend for us to get together / It’s like magnetic / I was an Human rights activist / I had to take a decision either to stay in Syria or stay outside / I was scared to leave Syria not only because my family but also because my work and my hopes / If a go to Canada, I lose my identity, there is nothing we fight for / I used to feel very sad and angry on the time because of the inhuman situation that Syrian people used to live for a long time / She understands international law and human rights better than me. I learned a lot from her / The thing you can’t learn is the small secret in fact. It's a passion. If you don't have a passion, for what you are doing?  / She asked for divorce and I had to give it to her. It’s her right to divorce / She could not live like this for a long time and I understand it / Now there is a revolution and now they send me out of the country / It’s like an exile / Double eyelid and very long eyelashes. The end of the eyes are long enough / Big lips, especially under lip, with the red in it / Cheek bones are high and strong / Very strong jaw bones / Her nose is big, has a little mountain / Big ears coming in front / She was separating her front hair from the side / Very thin neck for her face / We divorced at the coffee shop in Damascus / The lawyer came with the contract / "Downtown café", not chain but a famous coffee shop in Syria. 



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