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Imaginary Portraits




In a big salon, a kind of theatre studio / A kind of audition for choosing some students for the classes. I was on the board / She talked about her idea about theatre and herself / She was from Turkey / I think she is a bit open. She has good socializing energy but not too much. Very calm / She has a nice face with long hair, a bit curly hair. Not too much curly, but has volume. Between black and brown. Has a little bit bangs falling under / The eyebrows are going up but is in curve. The thickness is Middle / She is not make-upping / I think the eyes are a little bit up / Eyelashes are long / Her nose is not too much wide, middle / Under lip is bigger than upper one. Thick, and very good shape / Chin is not too wide, triangle /Cheekbones are pronounced / I remember one time, it was at sea side. I was jumping into the water from a very big stone, almost 6m high / At the beginning, I was like “wow, too high.” And I looked the girl and just went into the water. I run and jumped for her / That’s how it starts / We were together with theatre group especially / They were visiting my home and also she was in the group, and after everybody is going back, she was turning back in some way to my home. It was silly, secret game / After the relation (ended) when she was unhappy she was calling me sometimes. When I’m unhappy I was calling her / The last time I met her was,,, she invite me her summer house and I visit her / 2 hours far from Istanbul on sea side / More than 13 years ago. I don’t contact her. 


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