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Imaginary Portraits




A housewarming party / I know he was looking at me but he acted like he didn't / He wanted to hide himself / We got more drunk and we started to talk / It was in some person's place / We made jokes about Belgian people / He was hiding himself, he was wearing a hat, and my impression was that he wanted to be in the background / He is from close to Brussels / He had very defined and very feminine eyelashes / The end of the eyes goes down. Not so deep set. Very deep blue / Eyebrows, start to be large and become smaller. Not cutting by himself. Not completely straight but little up, till the end of the eye / The distance between the eye and the eyebrow is one finger / His nose is not very long, not very short, like a trumpet. It goes like this and the nostrils wide. You don't see the nostrils from the front / Very red lips. Not very big mouth but on the top it's really defined. The contour is defined. The end of mouth going slightly up / Everything was shaved except that part of the face. Not very long / Shape was circle. Thin. Cheekbones pronounced / Tiny ears / Always wearing a hat and hiding himself. Like a big teenager. He was doing nothing because he came back from Argentina. He took lots of photo of me / Always the same brown hat. Like ski hat, very simple one / His neck was strong / Hairs were straight, long and brown. Not completely dark brown but brown. Long till the shoulders / Last Sunday I saw him. Just a drink between friends and it was cool. 


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