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L' Apparition

series of 6 daguerreotypes (silvered copperplate) 

2013, 80mm×80mm

with: Atelier Jérôme Monnier(Paris, France)


The "Appatition" is a series of 6 daguerreotypes, made from a single image. The daguerreotype is known to be the first photographic process patented by Louis Daguerre in 1839. Contrary to other processes which were invented later, the daguerreotype cannot be duplicated, since you obtain only one image per shooting. At the time, you gain the image to a silvered copper plate, and it was impossible to reproduce them. It is also remarkable that the silvered surface reflected the gaze of the viewer through the image. 

To use particularly the oldest photographic process, I thought that an homage to a cloud, which existed in every region in every period could be appropriate. The photography today is known to be the work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction par excellence, but it is little known that in the very first process of photography the image couldn't be reproduced. In this series, an image of a cloud taken from the web is repeated 6 times, which results each time in a different way; a gesture to close the circle.



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